Aurora biofuels

Blue Practice needed to rebrand an existing algae biofuel company and position them as a leader in the biofuel space. Aurora Biofuels, now Aurora Algae, wanted us to help remake their identity. Armed with award-winning algae technology and processes, the company wanted to shed its University-bred image, separate itself from existing algae companies, and portray itself as a world-class renewable fuel company for the benefit of investors, influencers, policymakers and new hires.

What we did

From Pitchforks to Petri Dishes; we broke from the standard “farming” language adopted by the algae industry and designed key messages emphasizing Aurora’s strength in biotechnology and process engineering.

We created a new web site for Aurora Biofuels that portrayed a more technology-driven company, while embracing the new messaging.

Finally, we introduced the remade company to the media with a slate of new announcements: a new CEO, another funding round, and a technology breakthrough that reinforced the company’s unique approach to algae production.

Aurora gained recognition within the top-tier of advanced biofuel companies. After repositioning, Aurora placed 30th in an international poll of “hottest biofuel companies” by Biofuels Digest. At the same time, the company gained significant attention in mainstream and industry publications like The New York Times, CNET, Nova, and Greentech Media for its technology and engineering approach, helping to attract the interest of notable press, investors and politicians for further corporate support.

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