Introducing a new natural identity


Our renewed identity reflects natural processes and underscores our communications principles.

Since 2006, Blue Practice has elevated positive solutions with the power of public relations. We’ve been using communications as a tool for good for companies and causes embodying hope: where science, technology and design empower us to create a positive future. In our 13th year, we’ve taken on a redesign and renewed service offering that both highlights our ongoing mission and evokes a framework for communicating well-being from the personal to the planetary. And here we introduce our new blog where we’ll share ideas and perspectives from the field!

Our new logo represents our alignment with the natural forces of growth and engagement: movement, resilience, and flow. And we're excited to articulate our purpose as a bio-inspired communications agency - a new tagline that evokes our longstanding focus, as well as our process in servicing positive change agents.

Bio-inspired means that we use natural principals to inform our own approach to communications, in context with an ever-changing landscape of news cycles, information, behaviors, and evidence; and we use a collaborative community of partners to communicate change. We share resources, work together and respectfully consider the ecosystem of which we live and work. 

The biological lessons and bio-inspired ideas also allow us a means to understanding the needs of clients and their target audiences, establishing and applying a framework of strategic tools to engage media and the public, and inspiring positive behavior change to uplift and create a vision for a truly regenerative society. We right-size tasks to our team, collaborate with a community of partners, and stay highly selective in our work with mission-driven companies.

We've redesigned our website expands on bio-inspiration and highlights extended services like biomimicry consulting that we now offer with our in-house expertise. And we'll keep adapting and evolving our practice through this framework in accordance with the natural forces of movement, resilience, and flow that have shaped our practice over the last 13 years.

Movement: a change or development.

Natural and ideological change is constant and inevitable, affecting us with unseen and often uncontrollable forces. When humans come together and create positive change on the individual, community or global level, we redesign our society’s values. It takes a movement to realize a change is needed. It takes movement to shift behavior. This is the landscape for progress.

The ocean’s current creates continuous movements of water, and therefore it is symbolic of our mission to propel not only sustainable evolution for all of life, but also holistic wellness for human health.

Resilience: the ability to recover from adversity. 

We're constantly faced with adversity. From stress to sickness to a rapidly changing climate, we're challenged to rise or perish. Nature has proven to be resilient time and time again, continuously recovering after disturbances and abrupt changes to local environments.

As an ocean’s resilience is defined by its interactions between the habitat and its inhabitants, an ecosystem’s biodiversity is a powerful symbol of its progress and its prosperity. When faced with fear, frustration or heartache, humans have demonstrated the unwavering ability to rebound with bravery, integrity and benevolence. It is in this strength that we survive, rebuild and unify for a greater purpose. 

This resilience represents the strength of a community and the power to weave together to overcome. The interconnected wavelengths and lines in our new design not only evoke the signal of intention primary to communications, but also illustrate the interconnectedness and resilience we have in the movement toward a regenerative future.

Flow: the action or fact of moving
without resistance in a steady, continuous stream.

The most efficient means of adapting to perpetually changing conditions is to go with the flow. Flow becomes a vehicle to create resiliency in states of constant change - to thrive in the face of adversity. When the stream knows no brakes, we don't resist the flow of movement, we greet it with complete attention, bravery, and perseverance. "Flow states" represent energized attention, joyful fulfillment and optimal performance. Finding flow not only takes place in the synthesis of a client's story and their audience's desire to listen, but it also marks the aspiration we have as an agency - to work with joy and purpose, to meet challenges with confidence and create optimal experiences through PR.

We don't know what the future holds, but we do know that we're in this together - connected and empowered by hopeful solutions that design a better world. We need the inspiration that comes from bio-inspired designs that fit into the natural world, rather than combat it. By being stewards of positive stories, we are proud to unite together to propel the movement forward.

There's much more to come on our end and the work we're honored to do.
Stay tuned, there are exciting things ahead.

Let’s partner together to educate, inspire and drive action toward realizing genuine, positive change. Join us in our mission of solidarity and unity, of promoting the wellbeing of humanity and home.

Have any thoughts or ideas? Send us a note at!

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