The Economist world ocean summit

The aim of the second Economist World Ocean Summit was to find solutions that reconcile the need for economic growth with the increasing challenges of global ocean conservation. Chaired by John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist, the summit convened more than 200 global leaders from government, business, international organizations, NGOs, think tanks and academia, to address the most critical issues surrounding the use of our richest natural resource.

what we did

As publicists for the event, it was our charge to carry the weight of the conference outside the walls of the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay. It is sometimes an uphill battle to get other content/publishing and media groups to cover events due to competitive programs or branding concerns. Our efforts were concentrated in emphasizing issues over the event itself, in generating early attention to the topics to be covered in advance press, and in cultivating exclusivity with the highly select group of media chosen to attend.

Our pre-event media communications pickup included the International Business Times and Reuters, while attending press from National Geographic, Agence France Presse, and The Guardian covered the proceedings with intimate access to speakers and delegates. Our broad outreach following the event conclusion generated more than 40 pieces of coverage in international news, business press, sustainability media, and maritime trade journals.

Engagement highlights

  • Live tweeting from the event @Economist_WOS extended the discussion beyond the room.

  • 6,300 tweets were posted #OceanSummit during the event

  • 2,879 participants on twitter

  • 8.6m+ total reach

  • A series of live Q&A on World Ocean Summit Facebook Page ahead of the event with high-profile delegates reinforced key event themes and reached more than 120,000 people.