In pursuit of a new spin, Envirotower lacked a powerful way of presenting their energy-saving, water-efficient cooling tower services. The company became mired in the details of its technology – not in the benefits it would provide. Envirotower turned to Blue Practice to craft new descriptive language that would better resonate with their audience, while helping creating a new website that used key benefits to engage customers and drive demand.

what we did


Blue Practice engaged in a complete repositioning for Envirotower, beginning with new messaging architecture to more effectively articulate the company’s services. We conducted a perceptual audit of key stakeholders, using the group’s feedback and its own keen sense for what would resonate with customers, to focus on the company’s comprehensive, financially-rewarding approach. We were then able to provide a clear, benefits-oriented means of describing the company, which we articulated in their corporate materials, boilerplate and website.

Enter a new, service-oriented approach: Envirotower went from a focus on “the most technically advanced system for cooling tower water treatment” to “a proven, reliable solution for maximizing energy and water efficiencies.” The revised messaging helped reposition the company with a focus on their service, rather than their product.

With this new focus, Envirotower carried forward a new story that more effectively sold their service and furthered their leadership in the industry.