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Lemnis Lighting Takes Lightfair

By admin at 2010-May-13 13:43 | add new comment

I was in awe this week at Lightfair 2010. With record attendance, it was the largest Lightfair ever. And some of the biggest news came from Blue Practice client Lemnis Lighting. Lemnis announced a whole suite of Pharox consumer LED bulbs aimed at making it simple for consumers to swap out all the most common inefficient incandescents and mercury-ladden CFLs in their homes, with retrofit bulbs that will burn for 25 years and use on average 85% less energy. Warner Philips is a born spokesman (being the great-grandson of the founder of lighting giant Philips Electronics, one might say lighting is in his blood) so it was a delight to see him connecting with lighting enthusiasts and journalists eager to discuss how Lemnis has been able to sell 2.5 Million LEDs in 2009, be named to Fast Company’s Top 10 Consumer Products list for 2010 and participate with the Clinton Climate Initiative, all while revolutionizing lighting products with much warmer colors of light (the Pharox Flame series) and one of the brightest bulbs on the market (the Pharox 500).

CNET’s Martin LaMonica,  Earth2Tech’s Katie Fehrenbacher and Greentech Media’s Michael Kanellos had some great things to say about the new Pharox bulbs.

Lemnis Lighting continues to inspire me with their commitment to educating consumers about LEDs and looking for creative ways to distribute their product around the globe to places in the world most in need of lighting. Check out their new website for Pharox products at and get on the pre-order list for a 500!

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