The great pacific race

Row, row, row your boat… and row and row and row some more. 

what we did


We managed communications support for the inaugural Great Pacific Race – the first ocean rowing event across the Pacific Ocean – covering 2,100 nautical miles from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI.  

Kicking off the race in Monterey was only the beginning of our effort, as treacherous conditions off the California coast dealt crews insufferable blows that drove many competitors to abandon the race and seek rescue with helicopter evacuations.

Our efforts in communicating the drama of the event, the heroic nature of the endurance event, the power in teamwork, and the lengths by which competition organizers went to ensure crew safety were part of a story that was covered in scores of publications, including National Geographic , AP, Al Jazeera, The Daily Mail, and Grind TV.