To truly thrive, our actions and interactions within the built and natural environments must be resilient and connected. For effective PR, we must remain purposeful, informed, open to new ideas, and enmeshed within the larger community.

so what does bio-inspired mean?

Not only are we versed in communicating on behalf of science and technology solutions, we also use Life’s lessons to guide our own communications practice. Blue Practice lives this every day by remaining small and specialized, honing our expertise to create a unique, tailored service for our clients that is attentive and responsive to their changing needs.

The lessons we learn from nature instruct us in understanding the needs of different clients and their audiences, establishing a framework of strategic tools and application, and inspiring positive behavioral change to work together and create a truly sustainable society. This allows us to embrace a right-sized team for every project, join in purpose with a community of partners, flexibly scale to all manner of project needs, and maintain a select roster of mission-aligned companies.

Aspects of our bio-inspired communications agency:

WE’RE RIGHT SIZED: We ensure primary engagement from principals, thanks to a small, tight-knit leadership team that drives engagement on every account. We additionally draw upon an expanded network of trusted partners who specialize in campaign skills, whether branding, behavior change, design, research, social, storytelling, SEO, or other creative content needs.

WE’RE NOT AN OPEN DOOR: We’re highly selective and purposeful, and limit our engagements to mission-driven companies who have the potential for significant positive impact. We are nerds, passionate about driving positive impact with PR. We’re just as excited to take on your mission as you are.

WE TAKE A SYSTEM APPROACH: We look at the full picture and consider all stakeholders and effects of the work underway as well as the results of our own engagement. Everything exists in context with everything else - we understand this and use it as a strength in making a positive impact.

WE’RE CURIOUS: We look to innovative ideas for incorporating positive change and are passionate about tapping into nature’s billions of years of research and development for inspiration. Using biomimicry principles, we strive to create conditions conducive to life just as nature does and promote stories that do this as well.

WE’RE PURPOSE BUILT: We will never try to do everything in sacrifice of excellence. By uncovering some of the natural drivers and means of communications, we can better understand the lessons necessary for effective public and industry engagement to truly move action forward.