Big Media Wins from Guinness World Record Breaking EV Road Trip

One month campaign “Epic Electric American Road Trip” featured on sites reaching total of 80+ million unique visitors and print circulation of 2.3 million

Blue Practice and Recargo organized a Guinness World Record breaking EV Trip to showcase the potential of all-electric, cross country travel with the longest car trip in history to use all plug-in power.

This campaign spanned just under a month, and in a very short amount of time garnered coverage with an equivalent of 83 million unique visitors and 2.3 million in print (Fast Company, NPR, CNET, LA Times) reaching a broader EV community to demonstrate the power, practicality and environmental benefits of this emerging form of transportation.


Coverage Highlights

  •  Created a microsite to showcase the 24-days, 12,183-mile battery powered journey, driven by Norman Hajjar, Managing Director of Recargo’s driver research division, PlugInsights. Norman drove a Tesla Model S, using Tesla’s just completed coast-to-coast, tip--to-tip Supercharger network of free electric fueling stations.
  • The epic trip touching all 4 corners of the United States, Washington State, Maine, Florida and Southern California.
  • A microsite featuring a live GPS map of the Recargo-driven Tesla’s location, visual media captured on the road, real time stats, and social media reactions.

Media Highlights

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