Replenish believes that too often packaging is designed to carry water - not product - and that’s bad for people and the environment. They set out to design a better cleaning product that was itself easy on the environment, and then wrapped it up in a novel dispenser that made it easier to package and transport. Their all-in-one bottle system, intended to be reused over and over, reduces 90% of the plastic, oil, and CO2 used in traditional cleaning products.  

What the company lacked was a strong communications effort in place to launch the product right. With a compelling story to tell, the Replenish team sought Blue Practice to help craft the launch story, secure widespread interest at launch, and help support demand for the product across the country.

what we did

Our strategy was to first build support for the idea that packaging is largely wasteful and inefficient - then follow with a strong design and consumer launch that leveraged this storyline. By securing a speaking platform at Opportunity Green in advance of the launch focused on packaging innovation, and how smart design can solve consumer challenges like cost and inconvenience while addressing greater resource and environmental challenges, we were able to catch interest with key media and lay the groundwork for a multi-faceted launch story.

By leveraging the company’s working relationship with material health assessors MBDC and the product’s Cradle to Cradle certified line of cleaning concentrates, we were able to bring further validation to the safety of the product and how the design of the product achieved important sustainability metrics.

Our ultimate launch outreach spanned more than 100 broadcast, print, and online outlets covering design, entrepreneurship, home, parenting, cleantech, green consumer goods, general consumer interest, and other related fields. We also managed a reviewer program as part of the launch, managing timely distribution of PR assets and product samples as needed to ensure coverage.  

Aside from significant launch coverage, we were able to help validate demand for alternative packaging solutions, which supported the company as they expanded sales from their website into Whole Foods and other retailers.

coverage highlights: