SemaConnect, a Class-A provider of electric charging stations, engaged Blue Practice to launch a nation-wide summer Get Charged! Roadshow with commercial real estate partner CBRE and local USGBC chapters. Boasting twelve stops in America's leading EV-adoption cities, Get Charged! offered local property managers and owners interactive education sessions about the emerging EV mass market and the opportunity for commercial properties to meet increasing EV charging demand. The Roadshow events provided an in-depth look at the paradigm shift in fueling for EVs and the effect that it has on the commercial real estate industry.


Blue Practice developed and coordinated various aspects of the Get Charged! Roadshow, contributed to soliciting USGBC chapter offices to host local events, and produced critical marketing components such as the Get Charged! case study flier, educational presentation and video. We directed and executed all of the creative design elements, such as the Get Charged! logo, event invitations, event RSVP pages. The logo shown above was showcased on t-shirts, hats and portable device chargers that were giveaways at the events' Q&A segments.

From a brand awareness and marketing standpoint, the Get Charged! Roadshow proved to be extremely fruitful for SemaConnect, as it brought in strong sales leads across the nation and resulted in a stronger business partnership with CBRE, the world's largest commercial real-estate services company, who now promotes and provides EV charging infrastructure education to its employees. 

Visibility for Get Charged! culminated in Fall of 2015, when SemaConnect leveraged the speaking panel secured by Blue Practice to present in front of the national green building community at GreenBuild 2015 in Washington D.C.