William McDonough + Partners

William McDonough + Partners is the globally recognized leader in sustainable development, architecture firm that designs buildings across the globe, leading the industry in sustainable Design for the Circular Economy. Blue Practice has worked alongside WM+P for several years, championing their incredible, unique work and launching their innovative designs, helping with event support, social media campaigns, and general public relations and communications projects.

What We Did: Park 20|20


Blue Practice assisted in the debut of Park 20|20, which created the first full-service Cradle to Cradle®-inspired large-scale development in the Netherlands. William McDonough + Partners designed an inspirational environment that stimulates creativity and effectiveness of employees with safe and healthy places for work and recreation. Through the debut of Park 20|20, Blue Practice told a story of a community created around shared values, shared visions, and shared goals, with multiple buildings announced in the park throughout a hands-on rollout process. We worked to announce the plans for the park, and the construction and design process for buildings such as the Plantronics headquarters, which was conceived of as an “acoustic temple,” where sound masking, water features, and other elements create a symphony of sound layers optimal for diverse activities—working, collaborating, testing, etc.

The launch of Park 20|20 represented more than architectural development, but an experiment in thought leadership, attracting media coverage in publications like Fast Company and CityLab. When crafting the story and pitching to media, Blue Practice not only touted Park 20|20’s innovative design, but also the innovative, progressive, and rule-breaking thought experiment exemplified by the park- referred to the “Silicon Valley of Agriculture” by Inhabitat.

What We’re Doing: Co|Lab

More recently, this year Blue Practice worked to promote the ribbon cutting design ceremony celebrating the completion of Co|Lab, a space dedicated to the research and testing of emerging materials, approaches and technology that will rapidly transform the construction industry. Designed by William McDonough + Partners, the state-of- the-art facility features a Glu-lam and Cross Laminated Timer (CLT) structure, a roof canopy solar array, and healthy material selections that meet Cradle to Cradle Design™.

Blue Practice is providing strategic media planning for the Co|Lab ribbon cutting ceremony in June of 2019, engaging with local press leading up to the event, and helping craft their unique story- painting Co|Lab as a collaborative space to bring the architecture, engineering and construction community together to co-create innovative solutions to the complex building challenges faced today, and its design illustrates that vision.


William McDonough + Partners and McDonough Innovation showcased a new structure in Davos in conjunction with the 2016 World Economic Forum annual meeting. ICEhouse™ (Innovation for the Circular Economy house) was designed to demonstrate the positive design framework described in Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and the reuse of resources implicit in the circular economy. 

For this special project launch, we shaped and directed the announcement and outreach plan to promote the construction and special qualities of ICEhouse™ to Davos press attendees, international reporters, and national outlets. We arranged and facilitated press interviews for William McDonough and carefully tracked the outpour of media coverage coming out of the 2016 World Economic Forum.

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