You Only Launch Once is a wonderful marketing manual from two communications pros that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing wonderfully successful launches with. The insights here can help chart a path to getting it right the first time. And in this case, it’s only the first time that matters.
— Yves Behar

A Marketing Manifesto for Product Introductions, New Companies & Start-Ups

Whether it’s a company, a product, a new technology or the whole trifecta, you can only launch once. How you launch—how you engage your audience and involve them in your cause—will form the initial memory, the resonant connection, and the dominant storyline that connects you and your audience for a long time to come.

Launches done poorly—without consideration to audience, story, the public relations campaign around the “unveil” and how to maximize buzz afterwards—dilute the power of the launch, create confusion, and make the marketing team tear out their hair wishing they could go back and do it again to get it right.

Launches done right carry an immediate resonance between you and your audience. They pave the way for product acceptance, gain customers and attract investors. They form a lasting public impression that creates connection, trust, leadership and a strong foundation for all your future efforts.